Light Anemones

Light Anemones is a versatile light sculpture that evolves with time and space. It seeks to portray the captivating world beyond the water surface, where the mysteries of the deep sea and the wonders of underwater creatures come to life. During the day, the sculpture’s surroundings and sunlight are reflected on the curved titanium-stainless steel […]

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“Polymorphia” is a multifaceted, walkable and interactive light installation. In its original state it is amorphous and shapeless. Through a conceived and site-specific metamorphosis, its form can be reshaped each time, e.g. into a light field or a geometric or other light form. This interactively reacts to visitors and becomes one with the environment through

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Fin Sin Fin

Fin Sin Fin means “end without an end” in Spanish. This installation is an illuminated 3D puzzle sculpture, composed of uniform, oval aluminium composite panels assembled together with a plug-in system. During the day, the installation’s light source is being powered by the Sunlight’s UV radiation, which makes the panels printed with phosphorescent and fluorescent

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Monoliths are original pieces of the Berlin Wall, assembled in circular shape, that have been painted and 3D relief printed with large, phosphorescent humanoid forms glowing in the night. The Berlin Wall was a guarded concrete barrier that physically and ideologically divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989. In this installation, the circle formed by the

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