Malte Kebbel is a German artist renowned for his large-scale light and sculpture installations in public spaces. His innovative work focuses on the evolving relationship between urban space, light, nature, and energy. Utilizing advanced lighting technologies, synthetic materials, parametric design, and 3D technology, Kebbel creates monumental structures that evoke natural forms and transform urban environments into places of contemplation and artistic significance.

Kebbel is the initiator of the Light Art Energy project, which integrates renewable energy solutions with artistic design to create sustainable public art installations. His works have been showcased at numerous international festivals, including Lumières en Seine in Paris, i Light Singapore, Sharjah Light Festival in the UAE, Festival of Lights in Berlin, and Luminale in Frankfurt. Through these exhibitions, Kebbel continues to push the boundaries of urban art and sustainability, making significant contributions to the dialogue on art and energy in public spaces​.