Light Anemones

Light Anemones is a versatile light sculpture installation that moves with time and space.

During the day, sunlight and the surroundings are reflected in the curved titanium-stainless steel mirrors. In the darkness of night, linear lights unfold their play of light along the entire concave and convex structure, with their rotating centre. Each installation interacts with every other installation, which together create an even more complex light image and give the impression of originating from a different time continuum.

On land, the artworks strive towards the light like living creatures and merge with the mirrored silhouette of the surrounding buildings and landscapes to create a unique symphony of light.

On the water, the light anemones float gently side by side and dance in harmony with the movements of the wind and water. At night, they appear in the darkness like lighthouses flickering from afar.

The visitor experiences a moment of harmonious symbiosis and at the same time one of contradiction through what blooms here in the light and is artificial in nature. Visitors share the protected, mysterious light space, the mini-ecosystem - they are mirrored observers and participate in a unique interplay of light, reflections and geometric shapes.

high-gloss titanium-coated stainless steel mirror on curved aluminium honeycomb panels, stainless steel angles, coloured high-efficiency LED strips on rotating platform, synchronised, programmed light and sound show; 230V, ≈ 1000 Watt per installation, 1 x Schuko plug; 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 M per installation; distance between each installations: ≈ 10 M
All materials used are recyclable. They are durable and made of modern sandwich composites, which reduce the material dimensions many times, saving additional materials. In addition, the installation uses replaceable LED lines that minimize power consumption and provide sustainable waste management in case of failure. Future plans include covering the entire base of the installation with solar cells, which will enable self-sufficient power generation.

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