Light Anemones

Light Sculpture Installation, 2020
Materials: high-gloss titanium coated stainless steel mirror on curved aluminium honeycomb panels, colour high efficiency led stripes with rotating platform, DMX transceiver, stainless steel angle, programmed light show
Dimensions: variable

Light anemones are illuminated, rotating structures, made of curved mirrors of titanium-stainless steel. During the day, the sunlight and surroundings are reflected in the anemones. In the darkness of night, the three installations unfold their play of light, giving the impression that they come from a different time-continuum.

Lines of light rotate centrally in the middle of the installations and are reflected by the outer struts. The three works interact, striving towards the light like living creatures, merging with the mirrored silhouette of the surrounding buildings and landscapes to create a unique light symphony.

Visitors experience a moment of harmonious symbiosis and, at the same time, one of contradiction due to what blossoms here in the light and is artificial in nature. Visitors share the sheltered space, the mini-ecosystem - they are mirrored observers and take part in a unique interplay of light reflections and geometric forms, creating a complex image.

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