Fin Sin Fin

Light Sculpture Installation, 2019
Materials: Fluorescent & phosphorescent screen printing on milled aluminium sandwich panels & ultraviolet light.
Dimensions: Each element 59 x 45 x 0.5 cm; Installation: Variable

Fin Sin Fin means “end without an end” in Spanish. This installation is an illuminated 3D puzzle sculpture, composed of 40 uniform, oval aluminium composite panels assembled together with a plug-in system.

During the day, the installation’s light source is being powered by the Sunlight’s UV radiation, which makes the panels printed with phosphorescent and fluorescent colour, glow in the dark. During the night, the panels are also lit with artificial UV light, which brings an overall purple hue. The illuminated, rising structure evokes a sense of wonder.

Fin Sin Fin is a sustainable and adaptable installation. Due to the mechanism of each piece interchangeably fitting into each other, it could rise infinitely - hence its name - or even grow in a multitude of other directions. The possibilities of assembly are pretty much infinite, as long as the structure remains at a 90 degree angle.

Fin Sin Fin was also presented as part of an interactive laser-painting performance, during which the viewers were offered laser pens to paint directly on the installation.

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