Renting an Installation

Anybody can rent an installation, as long as:

  • the location is suitable
  • the art work is taken care of appropriately
  • the art work is enclosed for safety
  • the art work is always supervised during exhibition times, and secured outside exhibition times

Installations can be rented from 1 day, up to 6 months.

Yes, a security deposit is required to cover any possible damage.

Yes, the artwork is always insured. However, an additional fee is always required to be paid by the renting party, in order to begin with the insurance claim.

Yes, always. The artwork is insured whilst being transported to you and back to the studio.

The frequency of maintenance depends on the project and its location. As in most cases, only minimal maintenance is required.

Absolutely. The amount that you have been paying towards renting the installation will be subtracted from its total cost of purchase.

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