Phantom Turbines

What if our technological hunger for energy was dependent on our own energy production and we made it a rule that events had to be powered by renewable energy directly on site? What would these events look like and what kind of artworks generating their own electricity to produce their own light, would have to be shown?

The installation „Phantom Turbines“ follows this approach and shows a hypothetical vertical wind energy park in the night enlightening the sky and the surroundings. It is the phantom image of a wind energy power plant from a utopian future where we only live with renewable energy, deeply rooted in our society and everyday life.

During the day, sunlight and the surroundings are reflected in the curved titanium-stainless steel mirrors. In the darkness of night, dots of lights unfold their play of light along three concave and convex rotating blades and onto the base helix form structure. Each installation interacts with every other installation, which together create an even more complex light image and give the impression of originating from a different time continuum.

Visitors can interact with the installations by connecting to the installation via augmented reality and enquiring about the current level of renewable energy production in the country where the installations are being exhibited at the time.

high-gloss titanium-coated stainless steel mirror on curved aluminium honeycomb panels, stainless steel platform, stainless steel tube, coloured high-efficiency LED dots on rotating platform, synchronised, programmed light show; 2,5 x 1,5 x 1,5m per installation; storm-proof & weatherproof; power consumption: 230V, 500 watts per installation, Schuko plug;
All materials used are recyclable. They are durable and made of modern sandwich composites, which reduce the material dimensions many times, saving additional materials. In addition, the installation uses replaceable LED lines that minimize power consumption and provide sustainable waste management in case of failure. Future plans include covering the entire base of the installation with solar cells and that the rotors generate energy through wind, which will allow for self-sufficient power generation.

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